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In order to determine if an invention is novel and inventive, patent searching of previously filed and published patent applications can be undertaken in respect of the invention. This type of prior art searching can provide a good initial indication as to the relevant technical landscape and/or whether a patent is likely to be granted in respect of the invention. In addition, a patent search can be used for the purposes of identifying and subsequently assessing whether an invention is likely to infringe an existing patent.

In general, the decision to undertake patent searching and the type of searching will depend on your financial resources, the circumstances surrounding the invention, such as the complexity of the invention and the technological field, and whether you intend to use the invention or to offer the invention to an interested third party.

Our patent attorneys can conduct in-house preliminary searches using worldwide patent databases in respect of published patents and applications for patents and/or we can request a search to be undertaken by a national patent office and/or organisations dedicated to patent searching.

When should you start a patent search?

The national or regional patent office of a country in which a patent application is filed will usually undertake their own patent search of previously filed patents and patent applications, when determining whether to grant a patent for an invention.

As such, we recommend undertaking patent searching at an early stage in the patent application process to pre-empt any potential objections that the patent office may cite in respect of previously filed patent documents.

Our Search Process

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