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We have an excellent working relationship with Bailey Walsh

Director , UK healthcare company

As is often the case, we need a lot of hand-holding through the legal processes, which Bailey Walsh are more than happy to do.

Director , Toy design and innovation specialists

Investors have complimented the strength of the patent work

Director , Healthcare startup

Advice from day one was excellent with a clear roadmap and costs involved

Director , Healthcare business

We have worked with Bailey Walsh for many years and we have overwhelming appreciation for the significant value they have added to our business over this time. They have great skill in converting our ideas into unambiguous language, they are able to turn around large volumes of work for us with great expertise and efficiency and they are adept at breaking down complex issues into easily understandable language. We highly recommend anyone to contact Bailey Walsh as the process they offer is unique and makes you look at ideas differently

Director, Sports innovation company

Bailey Walsh are my trusted patent attorneys and I cannot emphasize enough how invaluable their expertise has been throughout the entire patent application process. From the very first meeting, it was evident I was in capable hands. Their responsiveness to my queries and dedication to keeping me informed at every stage has been truly commendable. I never felt alone during the journey , as they guided me with clarity and transparency, ensuring I fully understood each step I was taking. I wholeheartedly recommend Bailey Walsh to anyone seeking top-notch patent services

Director, Health drink company

We enjoy a great working relationship with the Bailey Walsh team. They are always understanding and provide their professional opinion very quickly, with an outline of timescales, costs and key milestones. Once an application is underway, we are regularly updated on progress and required further actions. We can always rely on continuity and consistency of feedback from them.
Managing Director

Managing Director , UK leading toy company

The advice given from day one was excellent with a clear road map of the patent process and the indicative costs involved. Since then we have moved through various approval stages in the order set out in that original meeting to now having full patent status in UK, key European countries, USA and China. When we appeared on ‘BBC’s Dragons Den’, one of the investors complemented the strength of the patent work and it formed a key component to investment offers from not one but two Dragons. We still have an excellent working relationship with Bailey Walsh and see no reason to change this 7 year relationship.

Founder , Garden Building Design Company