We are proud to support leading international computing, electronics and physics companies in protecting their innovations

Protecting innovation within the technology sectors of computing, electronics and physics is important for individuals, businesses and academic institutes to maximise their commercial advantage over their competitors and to protect their creativity and investment.

Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and software related inventions can sometimes be difficult to obtain patent protection for, particularly in the UK and Europe, where technical advances may fall within or relate closely to subject matter that is specifically excluded from patentability. However, with the expertise and creative thinking of our team of attorneys at Bailey Walsh & Co. LLP, we can help navigate you through the difficulties that sometimes may arise in obtaining patent protection in these sectors and file and prosecute patent applications in a manner to maximise the protection that can be obtained.

The field of electronics, telecommunications and broadcasting is among the world’s most innovative and competitive. The use of IP rights to gain a commercial advantage is therefore particularly important in this technical sector. Our team of attorneys have extensive experience in these fields, with some of these client relationships extending for more than 20 years. We feel this is a testimony to our expertise, high level of service and commercial direction that we are able to offer our clients.

We have proven experience in working with individuals, small businesses and large multinational companies within these industries to help them to successfully build up significant IP portfolios to maximise their commercial goals. Whatever your needs, Bailey Walsh & Co. LLP will be able to help with your IP protection.

Why Choose Bailey Walsh


As a fully registered and regulated firm of Chartered Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, we are legally and professionally bound to keep your ideas and all our discussions confidential.

Dedicated Contact

As a client of Bailey Walsh, you will be provided with a dedicated contact to ensure your intellectual property requirements are always met with continuity in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Pragmatic Advice

Our clients receive honest, pragmatic advice that is tailored to their individual and commercial needs.

Highly Trained

All our patent attorneys are highly qualified having at least first degrees in science, technology or engineering fields. All professional and support staff at Bailey Walsh are experts in their relevant roles in the field of intellectual property law with many decades of experience. We undertake continuous reflective learning practices to stay on top of current developments.


We carry out our work effectively and efficiently to provide all our clients with the highest level of professional service in the most cost-effective manner.


Every member of staff at Bailey Walsh is highly experienced with many years of experience in their relevant role in the field of intellectual property protection. We regularly represent clients before the various intellectual property offices and tribunals in the UK and Europe at first instance and appellate level.

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