Founded in 2014, the Formula E motorsport championship has exploded onto the competitive scene, with last year’s season totalling over 300 million viewers across the globe. The philosophies of Formula E centring around sustainability and road relevance are not only increasingly attractive to viewers and advertisers, but also to automotive manufacturers.

As the world is set to move beyond traditional combustion engines, major manufacturers are no longer able to justify the cost of research and development of soon-to-be redundant technology in the automotive industry. Formula E is the platform for manufacturers to advertise their commitment and advancements in low-emission automotive technology.

The difference in drive mode is not the only departure that Formula E takes from the traditional competitive racing world. Advancing electric technology allows championship organisers to increase fan involvement and modernise conventional racing formats.

Such innovations include ‘Attack Mode’ and ‘Fanboost’, debuting in recent seasons. Attack Mode and Fanboost modes enable the driver of a Formula E vehicle to unlock extra power from the car’s motor while competing in the race. Attack Mode can be activated by the driver taking the risk of leaving the racing line for an overtake, whilst Fanboost allows fans to vote before the commencement of the race for their favourite five drivers, who will then be able to access the increased power throughout the race.

Viewers of the championship will be able to identify cars in these modes by means of a patented device developed by a client of Bailey Walsh & Co. LLP. The protective apparatus mounted around the head of a driver, known as the Halo, will be configured to visually indicate the mode of the vehicle by means of coloured lights. Through this device, millions of viewers will be able to see the impact on the race of Fanboost voting participation in real-time.

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